Automatic chemical-free
varroa Mite treatment

Autonomous + Scalable = Suits large commercial operations, fits existing hives and pallets.
Kills Varroa by automatically applying regular heat-treatment to hive brood zone via solar battery.
Patents Pending.

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Multi Award Winning Prototype

ASB Backing Business Grant recipients. Featured on TVNZ 1 episode.

Fieldays Grassroots Prototype Award and James & Wells Innovation Award Winners!

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Innovative solutions for productive bees and profitable beekeeping.
Better Beekeeping

Hivesite takes a fresh research-driven approach, re-imagining the design of thermal treatment for beehives from the ground up, with full automation and profitability for commercial beekeepers at its core.

We are developing a chemical-free solution for treating Varroa mite in beehives, designed to protect bees and improve profitability of commercial beekeepers. It treats Varroa mite by autonomously applying a periodic thermal treatment, is easy to fit to standard Langstroth hives, and is powered by a solar-panel top cover. With future upgrades, the system could also support remote hive monitoring, sharing the same base-hardware and power source.

  • Automated Varroa Mite Control
  • labour-free, chemical-free
  • Treat any time
  • Benefits to bee health and longevity

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